“California Catfight!”


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Lizzy Hamilton was there in the beginning.  The first born Hamilton sister, she helped her sister, Alexandria build MMW from the ground floor.  For the year Lizzy was on hiatus, a lot changed at the MMW dojo, more women threw their hat in the ring for MMW gold, and new faces graces the squared circle.  Among these new faces is, now, MMW veteran, blonde bombshell, Awesome Laney Dawson.  Laney became the new blonde girl on the block.  Upon Lizzy’s return, she was less than thrilled with all the buzz surrounding the “new” blonde girl.  Nevertheless, Lizzy tucked away her animosity towards Laney, knowing ot was only a matter of time before they were billed to fight each other, giving Lizzy the opportunity to show fans who the real blonde queen of MMW is.  Today, is that day.  Lizzy and Laney’s paths will finally cross, and with all the variations of female fighting that MMW hosts, from wrestling, to boxing, and MMA, what better way for these two PAWG Milf’s to meet, than in am old fashioned, blonde vs blonde, hair pulling catfight.  Laney has much to lose, while Lizzy has much to gain.  The attire, cheeky, one pieces.  The rules, beat the other girl’s ass.  Ladies, fight!
Length: 09:06
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