“Cali Fury!”






Agatha Delicious locks up with MMW Barbie, Platinum Fury in this Ultra-Sexy, one-sided, bikini wrestling squash match!  It’s blonde dominates brunette type of day and Platinum is in a blonde dominates brunette type of mood as she spends her time pummeling poor Agatha from pillar to ring-post!  Vicious hair pulling, skull crusher, pedigree, low blow’s, guillotine, wedgies, leg locks, belly punching, snap mare, sleeperholds, camel clutch, boston crab, matchbook pin, scissorholds and more!  Platinum is in no hurry to let the Vegas girl go home.  A final KO and leghook pin end the night for Ms. Delicious!  Match, Platinum Fury!




Length: 10:59

Size: 1 GB