“Cage Match!” 6






Alexandria Hamilton and Harper Rose lock up for the most intense, hardcore Cage Match in the MMW series! Harper is determined to be known as the queen of the cage, and has no problem using Alex as an example as to why she deserves such a title, especially with Athena Law being undefeated inside the chain link. However, Alex has no plans on rolling over and making this easy on Harper. The two women enter the cage. They lock up and the battle begins! Almost 30 minutes of non stop, back and forth, smash mouth, action! Each girl giving and taking plenty of punishment! About halfway through the match Alexandria’s sister, Lizzy, enters the arena and continues to beg the girls to stop the fight! Lizzy watches from outside the cage as the two combatants go blow for blow, trading punches, kicks, stomps, knees, pedigrees, facebuster, stunner, snap mares, choke slams, hair pulling, camel clutches, surfboards, boston crabs, bearhugs, sleeper holds, back breakers, eye gouges, low blows, corner work, rope work, cage work, and TONS more! Which girl will walk out and which will require assistance?




Length: 27:47

Size: 1.96 GB