“Cage Match!” 5: Sister Slayer!






Athena Law sets side aside from pummeling the younger Hamilton sister, Alexandria, and focuses on her big sister, blonde bombshell and California Queen, Lizzy Hamilton.  Like all Hamilton’s fair against the Law, Athena punishes Lizzy in humiliating, and painful fashion.  Both women barefoot and in leotards, Athena batters her PAWG opponent around the cage like a rag doll.  Dominating Lizzy from pillar to ring post, beating her face with jaw smashing punches, pummeling Lizzy’s soft belly with hard, deep belly punches, as well as shaking the MMW ring with Lizzy’s limp body as Athena continuously rips the queen to her feet by handfuls and gobs of her blonde hair, just to slam her body back down to the ground with face busters, pedigrees, stunners, and more!  Athena destroys Lizzy with camel clutches, rope work, corner work, leg locks, chokes, low blows, surf boards, and even uses Lizzy’s face to clean the cold, steel, chain link!  Lizzy is a mess as shes stumbles in to Athena’s hammer fists as Athena fly’s off all 4 turnbuckles sending Lizzy crashing to the mat like a bag of hammers.  Athena is in complete control as a final sleeper hold ends Lizzy’s night, giving Athena the sexy leg hook pin for the 1, 2, 3, and the win!



Length: 10:32

Size: 1.08 GB