“Cage Match!” 3






Alexandria Hamilton, and Athena Law finally meet in the cage!  The 2 pioneers of MMW hold nothing back in this EPIC Women’s Wrestling Battle!  From Punches and Kicks, to low blows and tricks, this battle spills outside of the cage, and all around the MMW dojo until the two combatants find themselves back inside the chain link prison to end this insane contest!  Steel chairs, cookie sheets, trash cans, in and out of the cage, slams, chokes, submissions, and everything you could ever want in a Women’s Wrestling match!  The battle rages on until one girl is battered and bloodied beyond the point of being able to continue.  Which lady will walk out the no. 1 contender for Lizzy Hamilton’s MMW Hardcore title!?


Length: 27:05

Size: 1.91 GB