“By the Trunks!”





How humiliating, beatdown, and continuously pulled back to your feet by your trunks.  Every jobber has had to endure this humiliation, and today, Athena Law makes sure Alex gets her turn!  Athena dominates Alex, punishing the thicc PAWG from pillar to ring post, incessantly yanking her to her feet by her trunks, in this case, her gorgeous satin panties.  Alex can’t get a chance to stay down before she is pulled to her feet again, by her waist band, her bottoms getting eaten up by her phat round ass, Alex endures submissions, slams and strikes as Athena imposes her ever-so vicious will!  Hair pulling, snap mare, pedigree, corner work, rope work, clotheslines, stunner, splashes, surfboard, arm locks, and more!  Alex has no answer for Athena’s dirty tactics!  A devastating finisher ends the night for America’s BEST Jobber, setting her up for the leghook pin and victory pose!  Match, Athena Law!




Length:  15:19

Size:  1.57 GB