Athena Law utterly destroys Alexandria Hamilton in this lop sided, insanely hot, classic jobber vs heel squash match.  Alex, clad in shiny gold, two-piece attire locks up with leotard and pro boots clad Athena as she is bent, twisted, ripped, slammed, punched and kicked to oblivion by a sadistic, mean Athena!  Vicious hairpulling, pedigree, camel clutch, bearhug, chokeslam, back breaker, rope work, corner work, punches, schoolgirl pin, matchbook pin, belly punches, guillotine, wedgie, bulldog, knees, kicks, stomps, scissors, headlocks, sleeperholds, and more!  Alex is helpless as Athena sets her up for a final ring-shaking splash from the turnbuckles, laying out Alex for the 3 count, and awarding Athena the W, and well-deserved victory pose!



Length: 14:18

Size: 1.3 GB