“Broken Champ!”






Lady steps in to the MMW Boxing Ring boasting an undefeated record and is set to take on former MMW Boxing Champ, and California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury!  Platinum is no fool to be messed with.  With lightning quick hands and feet, experience and a devastating right hand, she has laid out many a woman and touts TWO, KO victories over another former MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law.  There is a size mismatch, but Platinum is far from worried, and accepts the match with zero hesitation.  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, they touch gloves, and this match is on!  Platinum comes out dancing, moving her feet and keeping her distance.  Unaware of Lady’s sheer power she steps in for their first exchange but is greeted with a haymaker of a right hand from Lady that sends her stumbling in to the corner!  Platinum is on skates and takes a beating in the corner, getting pummeled with lefts and rights and having her sexy midsection punished!  Platinum is on the defense and finds herself backing away from Lady after feeling that first series of combos.  She is cautious but still takes and gets her shots in, but this is ineffective as Lady clearly has the advantage in strikes, battering Platinum from pillar to ring post, methodically chopping down the former champ with jabs, belly punches, uppercuts, body shots, combos, corner work, rope work, and more!  Lady is continuously able to escape Platinum’s range and finds an opening at each exchange to punish the Blonde’s face over-and-over again!  Platinum eats canvas several times, but a final BIG overhand right sends Platinum plummeting to the MMW canvas for the final time, awarding Lady the 10-count, the W and STILL, a spotless record!




Length: 08:39

Size: 898 MB