“Bring Me a Jobber!”





Dana is in the ring on her phone, in preparation for her match with Athena Law. She is watching the video of Athena Law vs Alexandria Hamilton. Dana sees the absolute destruction imposed on poor Alex, and simply says no way, I am not fighting Athena. What Dana is unaware of, is Athena is standing behind her, holding the very MMW title belt she smashed Alexandria’s face in with! Athena wastes no time doing the same to Dana. This is a COMPLETE SQUASH MATCH! As MMA fighter Athena Law turns a white clad Dynamite! Dana to rubble! Multiple strikes to Dana’s face and body, followed by a series of hard stomach and breast punches, quickly soften the jobber. Athena Law is in full charge of the ring, beating Dana senseless! At times stalking her around the ring. Athena cant get enough of Dana’s thick THICK red hair! And she uses it handily! Ripping and taring Dana from corner to corner! Athena is known for busting bitches faces open! And its not long before Dana is a bloody mess! Eating knee after knee, Athena makes sure to spare time for a good wedgie! Slapping Dana’s ass and calling her a bitch! Athena holds up a punch drunk bloody faced Dana by the hair, exclaiming MMW needs to send her some REAL talent! Dana is glassy eyed and in another world at this point. Athena slaps a school yard side headlock on Dana, folding the red head in half, showing how well her white leotard fits her bottom! Athena pulls Dana around like a bully, continuously saying “look at this weak ass bitch!” Athena throws Dana to the middle of the ropes for a series of uppercuts to the red heads nose, Athena steps behind Dana and using Dana’s very own thick red hair, she strangles the new Jobber, looking directly at the camera, Athena issues a sassy, bitchy challenge to the California Queen, Lizzy Hamilton! A high kick sends Dana out of the ring, but Athena is not far behind. Using her jobbers hair to continually slam her face into different ring posts! Is that the dinner bell? No! That;s the sound a ring post makes when Dana’s face is slammed against it! Multiple more strikes follow, Athena uses stomps and kicks as well as a bone snapping arm bar to showcase her domination over Dana. Athena straddles Dana, double hammer fists reap havoc on the good girls face! Soon the sound of fists striking flesh and bone, turn to sounds of fists striking mush, as Athena finishes off Dana. She holds Dana down by the hair, forcing her to yell “I cant beat her!” and keep yelling til Athena has heard it loud enough. Dana is rolled on her stomach and straddled, Athena lifts the fiery red head by a gob of her hair, displaying her bloody face for the camera! Dana is looking both ways at once, unaware of the beating she just took. Athena exits the ring unscathed, leaving a lifeless Dynamite! Dana, bloody, and beaten, in the middle of the MMW ring.


Length: 12:39

Size: 1.31 GB