“When Blondes Box Brunettes!’




Its a classic Blonde Vs. Brunette showdown!  When dark haired amazon, and, Americas BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton.  Gloves up, to go toe to toe against up and coming power striker, and blonde amazon, Awesome Laney Dawson!  Many a boxing fan have been waiting to see these two ladies throw blows ever since Laney’s debut, in which she mercilessly pummeled MMW Boxing Champion Athena Law in a non-title bout.  Out striking the Champion, ultimately Knocking her out, and clean out of the ring in the video “Boxed Up”.
The hype will finally be quenched.  As these two ladies spend all 20 minutes of this video fighting back and forth in an awesome exchange!  Both girls swing for the fences, both hold nothing back as the blonde and brunette hair fly’s!  Heads are snapping and jaws are cracking as these to girls trade blows, each scoring knockdowns, until one competitor proves too much!  Through all the jabs, and, uppercuts, One lady finds her way to that big “W”!  Care to find out which lady reigns supreme!?  Download to find out!
Length: 20:47
Size: 1.46 GB