“Box N’ Sox!” 2





Alex and Athena are back!  Booty cheeks peeking out of their sexy fight gear!  And, matching, sexy, thigh high socks!  Ding Ding Ding!  The two women fight back and forth, sending merciless jabs, jaw crushing hooks, nose breaking uppercuts, and brain rattling combos, straight to each others heads!  Both women looking KO.  And after a rather even match, one girls arms start to hand.  She begins huffing and puffing, breathing heavy out of her mouth.  Meanwhile the aggressor hones in on the inferior fighters fading will, and pounces like a mountain lion!  Battering the other woman’s head back and forth like a speed bag, and sending HUGE, ego crushing belly punches into the fading fighters belly!  Finally, one woman becomes a stumbling mess, unable to see straight she flails her arms wildly, until she finds her back against the ropes.  The aggressor sends 5 MASSIVE uppercuts straight into the Jobber’s jaw!  Literally lifting the other woman off of her feet with each strike, setting up the pitiful loser for the big, final, KO punch!  Which lady will take a nap on the MMW canvas this time!?


Length: 10:15

Size: 1.05 GB