“Blake Superior!”






Aria Blake brings the Las Vegas heat in this instant-classic, lop-sided, super sexy squash match!  America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, is suited up and ready for a competitive battle, but instead is fed a painful, stiff beatdown as the Brat pummels your favorite phat butt jobber around the MMW ring, in the cattiest of fashion!  Plenty of pro-style, smash mouth wrestling.  Aria repeatedly grinds out poor Alex with a barrage of submissions mat work, softening up our resident milf for pain.  Belly punches, slams, vicious hairpulling, arm locks, leg locks, chin locks, corner work, rope work, and more!  It’s an old school brawl and Aria is in charge!  A final guillotine leaves Alex flat on her stomach.  Aria flips her defeated foe over for the leghook pin and victory pose!  Match, Aria Blake!




Length: 10:42

Size: 1 GB