“Black & Blue Dream!”




Sativa Grace and Venomous Liz lock up center ring and battle to the KO in this sexy fantasy wrestling war!  Venomous Liz quickly establishes her dominance as Sativa is turned jobber quickly!  Unable to defend Liz’s assault, Sativa is battered mercilessly with strikes, chokes, and submissions!  Vicious hair pulling, stomps, low blows, belly punching, wedgies, sleeper holds, scissor holds, camel clutches, and more!  Liz pins Sativa against the ropes, sending deep, hard belly punches in to her belly, knocking thick clouds of smoke out of poor Sativa!  The beating continues until a final ring shaking stunner seals the fate of Sativa Grace!  A sexy leg hook pin scores Liz the 1, 2, 3, and gets her her first “W” in the MMW dojo!  Everyone welcome, Venomous Liz!
Length: 08:15
Size: 862 MB