“Bite Club!”





Ariel is back! The resident Vampire is ready to take on, cowboy boot clad Alexandria! A naive Alex enters the ring, mocking Ariel. Alex gets a few licks in, but it isn’t long before Ariel uses her lightning, Vampire speed to absolutely destroy America’s BEST Jobber! Ariel appears out of nowhere, landing a dozen strikes to Alexandria’s face from 4 angles in a matter of seconds! How can Alex compete with this 5,000 year old, creature of the night!? Simple. She can’t! Ariel dominates Alex from pillar to ring post, eventually securing the dreaded bite! Alex is bitten, and slowly begins to change. Ariel uses this transformation time to inflict more damage on Alex with low blows, slams, chokes, and strikes! Cornering the gorgeous brunette for a horrific face beating, and belly punching beat down! Alex stumbles across the ring, drained, and resting against the ropes, as Ariel sends more knees and punches into Alexandria’s belly. Finally the transformation is complete! Alex is now a Vampire like Ariel, however, she must obey her maker! Ariel commands Alex to beat herself down! Alex pulls herself to her feet by her own hair, sending herself face first into the corner turnbuckles! Alex throws herself around the ring with snap mares and choke slams! All at Ariel’s command! Back breakers, slams, chokes, and rope work are commanded upon Alex. Ariel commands Alex to choke herself on the ropes, to which Alex has no choice but to obey! Finally Ariel puts a SHOCKING end to her new friend. Ensuring that she alone, will forever be the only Vampire in the MMW ranks!


Length: 11:25

Size: 1.18 GB