“Bitch Slaps & Belly Punches!”





The title says it all!  This bout is a pure Squash Match!  As stone cold, Tsunami enters in full pro gear.  Leotard, pads, boots.  Tsunami is here to fight!  Enter Alexandria, our jobber!  Beaming ear to ear, hair down, no boots, no pads, just a gorgeous, gold, shiny, thong leotard!  Tucked so smug in her round jobber bottom!  Alex is ready to lock up and wrestle!  However, Tsunami has different plans.  From the get go, Tsunami establishes her dominance over her Amazon opponent!  Shaking Alexandria’s confidence and showcasing her superior speed and strength!  Tsunami sends a knee right in to poor Alexandria’s gold plated crotch!  Folding the jobber in half, Tsunami places Alex on the ropes for a marathon of deep, hard, gut punches!  Alex lets out desperate pitiful grunts with each blow to her soft belly.  Each strike sending her gorgeous booty flying in between the bottom and middle rope, lunging towards the MMW camera!  Tsunami follows up with cheek splitting bitch slaps!  Back and forth, Alexandria’s hair fly’s, her cheeks and face bright red and on absolute fire!  Tsunami continues slapping the hell out of America’s BEST Jobber!  Tsunami spends the remainder of the match dominating Alex in careless fashion!  Using Alexandria’s thick jobber hair to yank and rip her back to her feet for continued punishment!  Alex’s belly is numb, her face is swollen, yet Tsunami continues her assault, pinning Alex down, and using a handful.of Alexandria’s jobber mane to force the brunette to watch her own belly destruction, only to follow up with more humiliating, ego shattering bitch slaps!  Bitch Slaps become personified as Alex is literally Tsunami’s bitch from beginning to end.  A MUST HAVE for any Belly Punching, Face Slapping, squash Match, Jobber Vs. Heel, fan!


Length: 08:24

Size: 863 MB