Birdie makes a smashing MMW debut as she locks up with CEO Alexandria Hamilton in a super sexy pro ring squash match that only MMW can bring you!  Birdie makes easy work of thicc jobber chick Alex as she pummels the PAWG around the ring, brutalizing the brunette super milf with slams, strikes, submissions and more!  Corner work, rope work, and good ‘ol smash mouth classic bestdown action!  Camel clutch, sleeperhold, scissorholds, hair pulling, surfboard, bow and arrow, punches, kicks, stomps, facebuster, stunner, snap mare, bearhug, wedgie, guillotine, pedigree, back breaker, hairpull back breaker, leglocks, skull crusher, chinlock, boston crab, wedgies,  armlocks, bow and arrow, Clothesline, choke slam, hammerlocks, and so much more!  Alex has no answer for Birdies assault.  A final submission lays out America’s BEST Jobber for the pinfall, awarding Birdie a highlight reel victory pose as she takes the W in her MMW debut!




Length: 14:33

Size: 1.3 GB