“Big Mountain Squash Match!”







‘Wild’ Wendy Watson makes her MMW debut in dynamic fashion as she challenges and destroys MMW CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Wendy has serious skill and has seen many of Alexandria’s matches an is convinced she will walk away as the winner of this contest.  Alexandria is not about to let a new girl walk into the MMW dojo and defeat her in her very own ring, she is ready to send Wendy back to the Capital City battered and bruised!  The bell rings, the girls lock up, and this match is officially underway!  Straight from the get-go Wendy overpowers, outmuscles, out-moves, and flat out out-classes the more experienced Alexandria, sending her plummeting to the mat with a horrific knee to the midsection!  It is all Wendy from here as she utterly decimates Alexandria, leaving a painful mark on her battered opponent and sending her a clear message that she is not going anywhere, anytime soon, and wants MMW Gold!   Vicious hairpulling, corner work, rope work, punches, kicks, stomps, Wendy pounds away at the country girl, bending, twisting, ripping, pulling, slamming, and punishing Alexandria from pillar to ring post!  Pedigree, belly punches, splashes, bonzai drop, stunner, bow and arrow, camel clutch, surfboard, skull crusher, bearhug, clothesline, low blows, reverse headscissor, figure 4 headscissor, schoolgirl pin, and much MUCH more!  What a beatdown!   A final sleeperhold and leg hook pin gets Wendy the 3 count, and the W in her first MMW appearance awarding her a 1-0 record in the MMW ring!  Great night for the rookie as she exits undefeated as Alexandria has to stumble her way backstage in the ultimate walk of shame after being destroyed by a rookie!




Length: 10:33

Size: 1 GB