“Best Seat in the House!”





Alexandria is at the MMW dojo to watch MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law’s wrestling match against AWESOME Laney Dawson!  Alex waits in her dress and boots, holding her MMW Wrestling Championship on her lap, she has a snide look on her face, which is well deserved, seeing as Alex is coming off a HUGE KO victory over Athena in the MMW Boxing ring.  Athena enters in her pro wrestling gear, holding her Boxing title, and immediately is displeased with Alexandria’s presence.  After Alex explains why she is there, Athena takes a harsh verbal jab at Alex, reminding her that the MMW wrestling title should be on Tsunami’s lap!  This of course, referencing the days prior when Tsunami gave Alex the absolute beating of her life in a non title bout in “Handled 2”.  Athena’s comment does not sit well with Alex, who stands calmly, only to send a massive right cross, directly across Athena’s jaw, dropping the bad girl to her knees!  This does not last long, as Athena immediately springs to her feet sending a huge soccer kick straight between Alexandria’s legs!  Alex is stunned as she is back up to the outside ring post, Athena lifts Alexandria’s dress to send huge right hands straight in to her belly!  Alex OOFS! in agony and she folds over with bulging eyes holding her battered belly, Athena is not done, and she spends the match pitting Alex in every humiliating panty revealing hold she can, in between the DDT’s, stunners, and uppercuts, Athena, uses Alexandria’s neck as a foot stool, and her ass as a punching bag, as she beats Alex with ease, crushing the champs ego with low blows, slams, punches, stomps, camel clutches, fish hooks, hair pulling, chokes, Alex is reduced to a whimpering, sobbing, mess of a Jobber as Athena showcases her bitch beating skills on poor Alex!  Watch til the final pin and victory pose so you don’t miss a moment of the whimpers, the tears, the begging, the twitching, the shaking, the gasping and gagging, as Athena shows the world what a complete bitch America’s BEST Jobber truly is!


Length: 11:20

Size: 1.18 GB