BEST OF: “Hair Pulling Catfighters!” Volume. 1





Finally!  The compilation all hair puling fans have been waiting for!  Wherever there’s a girl fight, you can count on some sexy, intense, hair pulling!  Join the industries sexiest girls for an HOUR & A HALF as they don leotards, bikinis, jeans and bras and panties to roll around and pull another girl’s hair!  Blondes, brunettes, and redheads, all off them with fistfuls of thick hair, burying their hands in each other’s manes to prove who the strongest woman is!  Featuring Alexandria Hamilton, Athena Law, Bella Ink, Laney Dawson, Tovah Nicks, Ashlee Graham, Dolly Prescott, Harper Rose, Paris Love, Safa Warda and more!  So much hair pulling.  Can you make it through the entire clip?  Download to find out!




Length:  1 Hour & 21 Minutes

Size:  8.45 GB