“Beginner’s Luck!”




America’s BEST Jobber climbs in to the ring to lock up with sexy MMW badass, Harper Rose!  Harper has been spending time whoopin on every ass in MMW, and now is ready to square off with the boss  lady herself!  The bell rings, and this match is underway!  Harper comes out strong, overpowering Alex in the lockup and forcing her in to the corner.  Vicious face and body strikes soften up Alex, Harper capitalizes and sends Alex flaying across the ring with a whipping snap mare, slamming Alexandria’s body against the canvas, shaking the MMW ring and both combatants bodies!  Alex is ripped to her feet by the hair and again, tossed across the ring. Alex is iut in her feet and we have only just begun! Harper spends the remainder of the time squashing Alex in this one sided, brutal beatdown!  Belly punches, hair pulling, headscissors, Standing headscissor, wedgies, nerve holds, pedigree, stunner, facebuster, choke slam, sleeper hold, camel clutch, and MUCH more!  Alex has no chance as Harper uses her as a punching bag, and training dummy, KO’ing the gorgeous, thick jobber just in time for the final leg hook pin!  Cue victory pose, and this day belongs to Harper Rose!
Length: 09:18
Size: 984 MB