“Blackbelt Beatdown!”





If you were a black belt in Karate, and Jiu Jitsu, what is the worst thing that can happen? Well, if you’re Alexandria Hamilton, that would be losing to a white belt, Athena Law! Athena shows up to the MMW dojo, innocently inquiring if this is the beginners class. Alexandria, in full Gi, with her black belt, pokes fun at the beginner and feels disrespected. The two argue before Athena calls Alex’s cocky bluff! Athena strips to her bra and panties and pantyhose, (gotta be comfy to whoop a black belt), she enters the ring and challenges Alex. Alex laughs, but just for a split second before she eats 10 shots from Athena! Athena throws a BIG left hook that KO’s and floors Alex! We are about 10 seconds into this fight, and Alex is glassy eyed, staring at the ceiling. In a moment of sheer disrespect, Athena walks up to the Sensei, and lifting her limp head by the hair, sends another face shattering shot, straight into Alexandria’s nose! Again knocking the cocky instrucror out! The remainder sees Athena completely humiliating and dominating Alex with different submissions and grappling! Side headlocks, triangle chokes, head scissors, anacondas, sleepers back breakers are only a few tactics Athena uses to desimate her Sensei! Athena slowly strips Alex of her Gi, leaving Alex to take the second half of her beating in only her sports bra, white panties, and black belt! Athena punishes and pummels Alex more, using every second she has to embarrass her thick bottom teacher. Alex makes the mistake of grabbing Athena’s hair for only a split second, and this ENRAGES Athena, who puts Alex down on her knees, and slaps her in one of the tightest, most painful, and humiliating back breaker, hair pull submissions seen in the MMW dojo yet! Finally Athena holds Alex hostage in a hip crushing body scissor, while she removes the black belt from her waist. Then, wrapping it around Alexandria’s neck, she tightens down on the jobber, still holding her in the scissor, Alex is trapped, and frantic! Being choked with her own belt! Athena reminds her of her demise, mocking the flailing jobber, “How does it feel to have your own belt wrapped around your neck?” Athena teases! Alexandria’s eyes roll back and she begins to convulse, trapped in between Athena’s thighs, and being choked out with her own belt. Alex goes limp, Think Athena is done?


Length: 14:18

Size: 1.50 GB