Beat Up Boxers: Episode. 5 – Ropes & Corners – Volume. 1





Possibly the greatest female boxing compilation on the web.  Women who thought their hands would protect them from their opponents footwork and ring control, finding themselves trapped in the corners, or with their backs against the ropes, allowing the superior woman to completely dominate!  So much ring action.  So much whipping hair and crashes to the canvas.  Watch your back, or you may end up agains the ropes or in the corners!  feat. Alexandria Hamilton, Gia Love, Megan Jones, Jolene Hexx, Agatha Delicious, Irene Silver, Athena Law, Constance, Shelly Martinez, Platinum Fury, Ashlee Graham, Sushii, Shelly the Burbank Bomber, Stella Dannyy, Faith Shalynn, Sarah Brooke, Lora Cross, Fiesty Feminista and more!




Length:  55:28

Size:  5.83 GB