“Beat the Spit Out of Her!” 4: Flying Mouthpieces!





Our “Beat the Spit out of Her!” series continues! This time with a classic beat down! Athena Law Vs. Awesome Laney Dawson! Athena has already beat the spit out of Alexandria Hamilton twice! The first time, literally beating the pants off of Alex and KO’ing America’s Best Jobber in her pink panties! Now, Athena is ready to add gorgeous blonde amazon Laney Dawson to the list of girls she has beat the spit out of. Both girls enter in their classic boxing trunks, and mouthpieces. The bout starts, and one girl takes an ego smashing beating! The mouthpieces are FLYING! The hair is flying and whipping back and forth! Her head is snapping as she gets PUMMELED with jabs, hooks, and uppercuts! Razor sharp, and lightning fast combos land with laser precision! Booty bouncing, monster, hard, deep belly punches lift the jobber off her feet, sending her wide eyed, and airborne! OOF! One girl gets knocked down repeatedly, her head beat back and forth like a speed bag! And she is getting the spit beaten out of her! She is spraying and raining all over the ring and she eats blow after blow, knocking her cross eyed, and knocking her mouthpiece crooked! A serious beat down from her vicious, superior opponent! Which girl will use the others lovely large chest as a footstool for their triumphant victory pose?


Length: 08:46

Size: 909 MB