“Beat the Pants Off Her!”




Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law square off in a sexy, OTT, pro wrestling brawl!  Each girl scoring multiple KO’s with victory pins, and victory poses!  Alexandria clad in a gorgeous, shiny, thong leotard, battles back and forth with Athena, at first clad in tight jeans and a bra, in a match filled with chokes, strikes, and slams!  Tons of twitching, drooling, eye rolling rag doll action as Alex batters Athena with belly strikes, head scissors, sleeper holds, camel clutches, low blows, hair pulling, Boston crab,  and more!  Athena answers right back with brutal low blows, head scissors, sleeper holds, skull crushers, nerve holds, hair pulling, and plenty more catty, moaning, groaning, jobber action!  The battle rages on until one girl ends up with her attire at her ankles and KO’d in her panties, booty in the air, after a few humiliating wedgies!  Which girl will get that critical, final KO!?
Length: 12:54
Size: 1.33 GB