“Beat Box!” 2




BBW Queen of the ring, Sugar, beats Alexandria Hamilton silly in this sexy, lop sided, jobber vs heel, head snapping, booty popping, belly punching, boxing beatdown!   Alex swings, and keeps her hands up, but is no match for Sugar’s raw power!  Sugar sends, massive, crippling blows into Alexandria’s soft belly, sending her gorgeous, thick, round bottom between the ropes.  Sugar continues, beating the gorgeous girls face a swollen mess!   In the corners, against the ropes, center ring, Alex is out classed, and beaten cross eyed as Sugar levitates Alex with enormous uppercuts!  Alex is knocked down several times in sexy, bootyful poses.  Finally, Sugar ends the night for America’s BEST Jobber.  Scoring the 10 count, and the W, as she climbs the ranks for a super showdown with Harper Rose!
Length: 07:30
Size:788 MB