“Battered Bikini Girl!”


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Constance slaps on a sexy, shiny bikini, and a pair of boxing gloves to climb in the ring to square up with tight, cheeky leotard clad Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex is America’s BEST Jobber, however when she dons the glove, the girl cam throw some serious hands! Needless to say, after utterly brutalizing Alex in a wrestling match in their first meeting, Constance is confident she can get another easy “W”! Both girls go to their neutral corners where they have only a few moments to size each other up before the bell rings and makes this match officially underway! Both girls square up center ring, they circle one another and it is Constance who engages first, landing a clean combo, jabbing Alex’s head back with each strike. Alex shakes it off and returns the favor, before long both girls are throwing some leather! The hair is flying and the heads are snapping as the girls exchange jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and combos, belly punches, rope, and corner work! What a war! Each girl scoring multiple knockdowns. Eventually after so many head snaps and being beat up in so many jab fests, one girl starts getting wobbly as the other pounces and takes control! A final beat down knocks the literal spit out of one contender, and sends them plummeting face first to the MMW canvas! Which girl will endure the through the punishment, and which one will weather, and pay the ultimate price!?


Length: 10:35

Size: 1.09 GB