“Bare Leg Brawl!”





Alexandria Hamilton, Awesome Laney Dawson, and Dolly Prescott go toe, to toe, to toe! It’s a three way, bare leg brawl as these ladies go all out in a catty, belly punching, hair ripping, leg locking, pro style chick fight! Cheeky leotards, and bad attitudes grace the screen. The three combatants use the ropes, the ring, and each other, in order to get their hand raised at the end of the bout. All three ladies take their damage, at times two women gang up on the other, but at the end of the day, it’s one lady to manages to trap the other two in a double sleeper hold. KO’ing both sexy girls, and leaving a bare legged, sexy pile of jobber center ring. A perfect shot to fade out on.


Length: 10:18

Size: 1.06 GB