“Bam, Girl!”






Tanya makes her MMW debut Vs. Alexandria Hamilton in this sexy, smash mouth, back and forth slugfest!  Alex came with tye heat today, going toe to toe with the more experienced striker, Tanya.  Both girls give and take a fair amount of punishment, but Alex can’t defend against Tanya’s combos, snapping Alexandria’s head back and forth, & side to side.  Alex kisses canvas multiple times but makes it back to her feet, giving Tanya a workout as the two trade blows against the ropes, in the corners, and center ring!  Jabs, uppercuts, body shots, combos, hooks, crosses, and belly punching!  Final flurry puts one woman in the corner for a final work before a devastating uppercut puts the weaker woman on the mat for the 10 count!




Length: 09:12

Size: 962 MB