“Bam, Girl!” 2






Tanya returns.  Today she has a touch match ahead of her.  Former MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law.  Tanya wants to prove that she can hang with the heavy hitters, after destroying Alexandria Hamilton in a fight in which she was the favorite.  Today she enters as the underdog, and wants to prove that Athena’s chin is just as weak as any other woman’s once her glove finds it!  The bell rings and the match is on.  Lots of back-and-forth action, jabs, exchanges, corner work, rope work, flurries, uppercuts, body shots, belly punches, and more!  Tanya wearing the former champ down by working her body before switching levels to lump up Athena’s pretty face.  Multiple knockdowns.  By the latter stages of the fight, the weaker woman is clearly slowing down, as the dominant woman pounces, sending the loser plummeting to the canvas for a final time, in perfect position for her well-deserved victory pose!  Which lady will advance in the rankings?  Download to find out!




Length: 09:37

Size: 1 GB