“Bad Gig!”






Alexandria Hamilton is America’s BEST Jobber!  Many a lady has had their way with her in the ring and Athena Law is no stranger to handling Alex in every way possible!  Today, Athena must be in an extra bad mood, as she enters the ring and utterly demolishes Alex in one the stiffest beatings Alex has ever endured in the MMW Ring!  Alex has been battered, bent, twisted, yanked, pulled, broken and busted open in every way possible, but Athena takes it to the next level as she spends over 30 minutes punishing our favorite Phat-Butt Jobber into a spread-eagled, pile of loser!  Straight from the lock-up Athena takes full control and spends/takes her time dismantling the SuperPAWG at every twist and turn!  Vicious hair pulling, back breakers, back breaker hairpull, surfboard, bow and arrow, figure-4 headscissor, reverse headscissor, schoolgirl pin, reverse schoolgirl pin, pedigree, ddt, stunner, snap mare, bulldog, face buster, off the ropes splashes, reverse hair bridge, ass slaps, wedgies, camel clutch, eye gouges, belly-to-back bearhug, belly-to-belly bearhug, hammerlocks, headlocks, armbars, chin locks, crippler, rings of saturn, belly punches, face punches, standing guillotine, laying guillotine, corner work, rope work, hot shots, clotheslines. arm ringer, toe holds, single leg boston crab, bodyscissors, steiner recliner, skull-crusher, sleeperhold, and more!  A final, horrific, ultra-humiliating hold puts Alex on her knees staring straight into Athena’s eyes in a punishing standing headscissor!  This earns Athena the verbal submission as Alex bellows in pain, begging Athena to release her!  A final victory-pose and this match is in the books for Athena Law!




Length: 30 Minutes

Size: 3.12 GB