“Atomic Tag Team!”





Alexandria Hamilton and Platinum Fury team up for what is supposed to be a sexy tag-team battle between another up and coming team within the MMW ranks.  Before the other team arrives, and argument begins between Alex and her blonde partner.  A wedgie is given, and a wedgie is returned, this spawns an incredible sexy wedgie battle between the pink clad, PAWG tag team!  The two women enter the ring and battle back and forth with sadistic wedgies!  Yanking and pulling at each other’s leggings, exposing each other thongs!  Nothing is off limits as these lady’s tug on whatever they can get their hands on!  So many wedgies, so many thong panty wedgies.  Eventually the weaker woman succumbs to the humiliating as her thong is stretched far over her forehead for the ultimate thong panty atomic wedgie!  Which lady will ditch her tag partner, and consider herself wedgie warrior?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:06

Size: 1 GB