“Atomic Megan!” 2






Gia Love saw the absolute beating and horrific wedgie beatdown Megan Jones suffered at the hands of Irene Sikver, and she is convinced she make Megam suffer just as well and is ready to prove it!  Megan is busy, center ring, clad in a gorgeous yellow bikini top with the tightest of matching leggings.  She is doing her best to come off aa confident when Gia sneaks up behind her and locks on a HUGE wedgie!  Megan is stunned!  This is just the beginning as Gia stetches Megan’s panties to the max with painful, humiliating wedgie locks.  Gia is far from done as she strips Megan of her pants, exposing her sexy, fuscia panties!  Oh, those poor poor panties of Megan’s!  Wedgie after Wedgie, humiliation after humiliation, atomic wedgie after atomic wedgie, Megam Jones is utterly owned by Gia Love! A final, humiliating atomic wedgie leaves Megan face down with her arms tucked in her panties under the victory pose of the sadistic Gia Love!




Length: 10:39

Size: 1 GB