“Athena’s Intervention!”





Athena Law is set on being the #1 Girl in MMW, boasting wins over nearly the entire roster, and challengers that visit. However is was a humbling moment when Athena was beaten senseless by Tsunami in a lop sided pro wrestling squash match. Athena could not keep up with Tsunami and found herself out struck, out wrestled, and just plane out classed by the Island Phenom Ultimately finding herself bound to the ropes with her face wrapped in barbed wire, having her head held up by a handful of her, and her destroyed face displayed for all MMW combatants to see. Some call it humbling, however Athena found it humiliating, and wants another shot at Tsunami. However Athena wants to stick to her bread and butter, boxing. It seems like dejavu as Tsunami mercilessly pummels Athena around the ring. The two women trade blows for a short time, but it is not long before Tsunami again, takes full control, beating Athena’s pretty fave swollen, sending her hair flying and her head snapping every which way. Athena is overwhelmed with Tsunami’s superior skill set, never finding a footing to mount an offense. Tsunami feeds Athena glove, and canvas, over and over, until that big final KO moment. Looks like Athena has some serious thinking and re-strategizing to do in her quest to be #1!


Length: 8 Minutes

Size: 813 MB