“Athena In Charge!”






Harper Rose is on quite the winning streak!  She’s developed a reputation as a fearless brawler.  That is, until she ran in to a brick wall named Athena Law, who show’s Harper that there is only room for one “bad girl” on the MMW roster!  Athena dominates Harper from opening bell to victory pose, imposing her painful will on poor Harper, Athena holds nothing back as she feeds Harper the stiffest beating she’s ever had inside of a wrestling ring.  Slams, stomps, corner and rope work.  Off the turnbuckles, and center ring, Athena launches a full skillset on Harper, continuously viciously ripping bikini clad Harper to her feet by gobs, and handfuls on hair, just to quickly put her back down to the canvas.  Harper has never faced competition like this, and may think twice before trying to tread on Athena’s turf again.  A final ring shaking face buster ends the night for Harper Rose.  KO’ing the gorgeous jobber for the leg hook pin, and 3 count.  Harper entered, a confident woman, and ended up a mere footstool.  A bruised, and battered footstool as she lay under the wrestling boot of MMW Champion, Athena Law!




Length: 10:24

Size: 1.07 GB