“Athena Buster!”


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Harper Rose and Athena have been due for a rubber match for some time now.  Athena is the former MMW Boxing Champion, having vacated the title in 2019, she returned thinking Nicole Oring would be her biggest test in her quest tp hold the gold again.  Enter Harper Rose, who made her debut by knocking out Awesome Laney Dawson in a catch weight fight where Laney was the heavy favorite.  Needless to say, she caught Athena’s attention immediately.  Going on to KO Alexandria Hamilton, Lizzy Hamilton, Dolly Prescott, Sativa Grace, and Tsunami, it was finally time to decide who would face Nicole for the Gold.  Athena Law Vs. Harper Rose was officially set.  The two women fought one hell of a slobber knocker in the video “You’re No Daisy!” with Athena taking a beating but securing a spot in the title fight by knocking out Harper, serving the fierce striker her first loss on the MMW canvas.  Due to Nicole being unable to compete, a Harper Rose Vs. Athena Law , part 2 fight was scheduled.  Both women came full throttle, but it was Harper who was able to out strike Athena, Knocking out the former champ, serving Athena her first KO loss since 2018.  Harper is the new MMW Champion.  But the fans were not satisfied.  When mention of Harper’s first defense being against Andrea Rosu, the fans demanded Athena be granted a rubber match!  This, Athena Law Vs. Harper Rose 3, was set.  Today, Athena, despite being the challenger, enters the ring as the favorite.  The bell rings and the match is underway, immediately Harper takes control, snapping A rally of jabs straight to Athena’s face, smashing the poor woman’s mouth, and nose!  Athena is stunned!  Harper sees Athena’s knees buckle, and attacks, pummeling the former champ like no woman has been able to do!  Jabs!Uppercuts! Belly Punches! Hooks! Crosses! Combos!  Athena is on wobbly feet, barely able to keep her hands up.  Harper does not let up, smelling an early upset, she continues feeding Athena a stiff beating!  The odd makers watch wide eyed with there mouths wide ope  as Harper utterly dominates Athena, beating the gorgeous girls face into a swollen, bloody mess!  Athena takes pathetic swings to save face , but is immediately countered at every turn.  Athena’s neck turns to rubber as Harper uses her head as a speed bag!  The hair is flying, and the head is snapping, Athena is no match for Harper, as Harper mounts her, sending illegal shot after shot into Athena’s face, breaking her nose and splattering the ring with Athena’s ego, and blood! Despite the 10 count, Harper knows this match is a no contest, having mounted Athena to cave her face in, but this does not stop her from setting her foot upon her kill, and striking one of the most convincing, and dominant victory poses ever.  Match, Harper Rose!
Length: 12:00
Size: 1.25 GB