“Assault & Feminista!”







A naive Athena Law confidently entera the ring to face Fiesty Feminista in one of the most humiliating beatings sexy Athena has yet to take in the square circle!  Fiesty wastes no time establishing her dominance as she sends a huge knee in to Athena’s belly, straight from the lock-up!  The rest is a blur to Athena, but we get to see CLEARLY the pure punishment pretty pink Athena endures as Fiesty continuously rips the poor milf to her feet by the hair, over and over deliver devasting blow after devastating blow, ring-shaking slam after ring-shaking slam, and painful submission after painful submission!  Vicious hair pulling, big body slams, torture rack, pedigree, matchbook pin, taunting ass slapping, reverse headscissor, figure-4 headscissor, a humiliating skull crusher that almost makes Athena shake out of her cute little pink top!  Bow and arrow, camel clutch, bearhug, back breaker, steiner recliner, bonzai drop, corner work, rope work, and MUCH more!  A MUST-HAVE for the pathetic jobber fan!  A final sleeprhold puts Athena down for the leg-hook pin, and 1-2-3!  Match, Fiesty Feminista!




Length: 13:19

Size: 1.2 GB