“A Woman Once Feared!”






Harley Hamilton catches a glimpse of Athena Law backstage and is immediately drawn to her sexy, blue, pro-style wrestling gear.  Harley is convinced that when Athena chose to suit up in such attire, that she was begging to be a jobber!   Harley is more than happy to supply Athena with the type of beatdown a jobber clad in such attire deserves and makes sure that is HER that walks through the curtain to face Athena.  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, the ladies circle and lock-up and this match is on!  As expected, Harley makes mulch out of poor Athena, pummeling the sexy milf from pillar to ring post with a barrage of pro-style punishment and dirty tactics!  Devastating strikes, painful submissions and ring shaking slams, Athena is torn apart with belly punches, corner work, bearhugs, pedigrees, body slams, snap mares, vicious hair pulling, knees to the face, camel clutch, boston crab, bonzai drop, hot shots, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, surfboard, bulldog, schoolgirl pin, reverse headscissor, body splash, over the shoulder carry, stinkface and more!    A final body slam flattens Athena for the schoolgirl pin to the 3 count and victory pose!  Match, and STILL undefeated, Harley Hamilton!




Length: 13:32

Size: 1.37 GB