“A Man’s World!”






Aiden Blue spends 20 minutes completely destroying, squashing, humiliating, and pummeling Alexandria Hamilton, in this moan and groan filled, one sided, MALEDOM, squash match! Alex is throttled, and a rag dolled mess as she suffers punches, kicks, face slams, submissions, hair pulling, chokes, and more! Aiden takes his time beating Alex senseless around the ring in her sexy tall leather boots, and thong leotard with belly punches, back breaker, cross face, sleeper hold, camel clutch, eye gouges, bow and arrow, hammerlock, rope work, corner work, stf, Boston crab, figure 4, bear hug, and more! What a beating! Enjoy this lop sided showcase of MALE dominance!



Length: 20:11

Size: 1.42 GB