“Against the Law!”





If you enjoy a squash match, buy this video.  Athena Law puts on a display of jobber smashing heeldom in this lop sided, merciless beating of a squash match.  The Jobber today, Claire Voyant.  Clad in pro gear and a shiny, gold, leotard.  She steps in the ring to face MMW bad girl, Athena Law.  Sporting a yellow bikini, Athena enters the ring, and this match is underway!  Athena wastes no time establishing her dominance over Claire, locking on some side headlocks, along with massive face strikes sending Claire plummeting to the MMW canvas!  This is the beginning of the end for the weed witch!  As Athena batters her amazon opponent around the ring, viciously ripping her up and down, and tossing her all around by handfuls pf jobber hair!  HUGE gut punches fold Claire in half!  Head Scissors, punches, kicks, stomps, rope work, corner work, head to turnbuckles, stretches, back breakers!   Athena came with the fire today!  Sleepers! Camel Clutches!  Low Blows!  Face Claws!  Nerve Holds!  Boa Smother! Chokes!  Eye Gouging!  and so much MUCH more!  As you see why MMW takes a squash match VERY seriously!  The assault continues until a final stunner proves to be the end of Claire Voyant.  Athena slaps on a bootyful leg hook pin, getting the 3 count, the pin fall, and the KO, all in one!  A GREAT night for a heel such as Athena!  And a sad night for our battered Claire.  But hey, at least you got to watch the destruction.  So all of those bruises on Claire’s body weren’t for nothing!

Length: 14 Minutes

Size: 1.5 GB