“When Mean Girls Get Bored!”




Athena finds a KO’d Alexandria laying in the middle of the ring, and cannot help her temptation to punish the PAWG jobber even further.  Athena wakes Alex only to put her in a crippling sleeper hold. Alex convulses, and her eyes roll as she twitches in Athena’s control.  Alex is KO’d multiple times, giving Athena the opportunity to play with Alexandria’s sexy, limp limbs, before waking her to rip her up by her hair and inflict more punishment!  Chokes, sleeper holds, dragon sleepers, head scissors, belly punching, hair pulling, and more!  Alex has no choice but to endure all that Athena has to offer.  A final KO puts Alex out, and in position for a sexy leg hook pin, scoring the 1, 2, 3, and the win over a further humiliated Alexandria.
Length: 09:10
Size: 984 MB


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