“To Be the Champ!”






Athena Law, and Harper Rose, both don sexy, shiny bikinis, and boots to climb into the rinf and battle it out for the MMW Boxing Championship! Defending Champion Harper Rose has her hands full against former Champ Athena Law. Has Athena lost a step in her game? Can she reclaim her MMW glory, as well as her reputation as a once fierce competitor ans scariest woman in MMW? Not if Harper has a say in it! Harper stands toe to toe with Athena as the two women swing for the fences! Both girls giving amd taking plenty of punishment. Both girls get knocked down. Tons of jabs, uppercuts, hooks, body shots, belly punching, combos, rope and corner work, and more! This is one hell of a fight! Will the results read “And new!”? Or, “And still!”?




Length: 10:55

Size: 1.12 GB


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