Fiesty Feminista lays what may be the most humiliating beating ever to take place in the MMW dojo, down on a sexy bare leg Lizzy Hamilton in this incredibly hot, humiliating squash match! Fiesty enters the ring with her face buried in her phone, almost unaware that she is about to fight another woman. Lizzy enters ready to go, but cannot get Fiesty to pay attention to her as she is still busy on her phone. What follows is a one handed showcase of wrestling supremecy as Fiesty utterly destroys Lizzy with one hand and never looking up from her phone! Lizzy endures punches, kicks, stomps, wedgies, clotheslines, knees, camel clutches, bearhugs, schoolgirl pins, sleeperholds, and more!




Length: 08:47

Size: 921 MB


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