“Law Breaker!”






Alexandria Hamilton catches Athena Law in the ring calling her Trashy. This does not sit well with Alex who proceeds to destroy Athena with an all out assault of humiliating punishment!  Face crunching, head snapping punches, figure 4 headscissors, corner work, and TONS more! Athena is stripped of her shorts and placed in the corner where the punishment continues! Athena is KO’d multiple times, lots of tongue protrusion, twitching, drooling, eye rolling, and that is just the start! Alex is far from down as she torments Athena with foot chokes, sleeperholds, hair pulling, back breakers, chokeholds, scissorholds, bitch slaps, straddles, bearhugs, matchbook pins, smothers, and stinkfaces! Athena is helpless as Alex imposes her sadistic will all the way until the final victory pose!



Length: 14:11

Size: 1.48 GB



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