Remmy Reign makes a HUGE statement when she womanhandles MMW CEO Alexandria Hamilton in humiliating fashion, leaving the sexy CEO sprawled out cold in the center of the MMW ring!  Remmy launches a brutal assault on Alex, beating the Milf senseless with punches, kicks, stomps, corner work, rope work, and more!  Alex is no match as Remmy almost splits Alex in two with her own thong leotard as she makes the PAWG howl with a merciless wedgie!  The beating continues with vicious hair pulling, back breakers, back breaker hair pull, camel clutch, surfboard, reverse hair bridge, schoolgirl pins, reverse schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, matchbook pins, soccermom chokes, low blows, pedigree, stunner, facebuster, snap mares, bow and arrow, belly punching, headscissors, reverse headscissor, and more!  Alex is a worthless mess as Remmy uses her as a punching bag until finally dispatching her to la la land for the KO victory!
Length: 12:00
Size: 1.23 GB


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