“KO’d Lady Wrestler!”


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Alex enters the MMW dojo under the assumption it is a training day. She is decked out in tight pro gear, and is ready to work on some key wrestling drills to improve her game. However, when she enters, she finds a golden clad Athena Law, practicing her foot movement. Alex tells her it’s time for boxing practice to wrap up, so she an begin her wrestling drills! Athena laughs Alex off, essentially telling her to fuck off. Alex enters the rings and takes a wrestling stance, to which Athena literally laughs at her. Athena asks Alex what she is doing, to which Alex responds, “I’m gonna lock up with you!”. Athena proceeds to lock up with Alex by sending a HUGE right hands, straight into Alexandria’s nose, flooring the Lady Wrestler, and leaving her KO’d, flat on her back, eye’s rolled back! From this moment forward Athena just plays with her pathetic limp competitor that calls herself a Lady Wrestler! Continuously KO’ing the jobber over and over with massive strikes to the face!! Alex is a moaning, stumbling mess, as she swings wildly at air, blinded by a jarred brain, knocked loose by Athena Law. This is a complete, embarrassing, brutal, squash, and beat down of Alex, as Athena takes pleasure dominating the woman wrestler with career ending KO’s!