“Handled!” 7




Tovah Nicks has quite the chip on her shoulder after defeating Lizzy Hamilton in a complete one sided beatdown.  But be careful Tovah, what goes around comes around, and today that is Athena Law standing across the ring from you!  Like most women who challenge Athena, Tovah is utterly outclassed and laid to waste as Athena launches a vicious assault of jobber punishment on a naive, unsuspecting Tovah!  Big strikes!  Punches, kicks, stomps, rope, and corner work!  Athena is in full heel mode as she feeds Tovah a steady diet of camel clutches, surfboards, bow and arrows, vicious hair pulling, toe crushing stomps, low blows, toe torture, sleeper holds, and more!  Tovah will remember this day for a long time!  For Athena, just another weak jobber, just another day at the office!
Length: 11:44
Size: 1.2o GB


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