“Handled!” 4




What a Squash Match!  What’s more to say?  A Jobber, and Heel.  A wrestling ring, and a camera.  Nicole Oring takes her sweet time dishing out a brutal beating to poor Alexandria Hamilton in this one sided beat down!  The bell barely rings and Nicole immediately takes control with a humiliating side headlock.  Nicole gets a hold of Alexandria’s nose and proceeds to try to rip off of her face.  From the get go there’s no denying who is in charge.  Nicole pummels Alex with strikes, stomps, low blows, belly punches, hair pulling, rope work, corner work, outside ring work, reverse hair bridge, neck stomps, soccer mom chokes, pedigrees, face buster, stunner, bulldog slam, chokes, head scissors, humiliating stretches and submission, surfboards, Boston crab, camel clutches, face slams, canvas busters, eye gouges, wedgies, corner clutches, nerve holds, and more!  Alexandria never has a chance to stay down as Nicole rips and yanks her back to her feet by gobs, handfuls of hair, just to dish out more punishment!   A final sleeper hold followed by a sexy pin over Alexandria’s limp, KO’d body, and this lop sides contest is over.  Match, Nicole Oring!


Length: 16:46

Size: 1.75 GB


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