“Graham Slam!”







Ashley Graham does the impossible when she not only defeats, but absolutely decimates the mighty super heel, Sugar in convincing and overwhelming fashion. From opening bell Ashley pounces like a wolverine, never giving Sugar a chance to take a breath, or compose herself as she beats the BBW queen senseless on her own turf! Headlocks, bulldog, facebuster, pedigree, vicious hair pulling, chokes, strikes and a tidal wave of punishment hit Sugar full force as she struggles to even stand on steady feet! Fed punch and kick and knee after knee, Ashley dominates Sugar with sleeperholds, schoolgirl pins, camel clutches, surfboards, back breakers, headscissors, belly punches, low blows, stunners, hammerlocks and more! Sugar is no match for Ashley. A final KO lays Sugar out for the sexy pin and victory pose giving Ashley her biggest win in the MMW ring!



Length: 09:46

Size: 1 GB


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