“Gia Dominates!”





Gia the Giant is back in the MMW ring! Alex can’t handle how bad Gia beat her and Athena at the same time, she is convinced it was a fluke, and is ready to prove it! Challenging Gia in a one on one contest! This turns out to be a HUGE mistake as Alex is completely dominated, and again humiliated by the mighty Giant! Alex has her hands crushed, her neck and back crushed, Alex is sat on, and throttled across the ring with stomps, punches, chokes, surfboards, hair pulling, camel clutches, butt drops, stomach sitting, sleepers, nerve holds, headscissors, skull crushers, facesits and more! Gia made a statement, and poor Alex was the example she used. A final ass up pin gives Gia the W and sends Alex back home with her head haging low after such a merciless and embarrassing beating!


Length: 08:07

Size: 859 MB