Clutches: “Athena Law & Allie Parker!”


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Allie Parker is a household name.  No stranger to the squared circle, Allie boasts quite the record, and has survived some brutal battles.  She has come to the MMW ring to give Cali girl Alexandria Hamilton, a Vegas style beat down.  However, right now, she is in a bad way.  She happened to stumble across MMW bad girl Athena Law, and right now, Athena is dominating Allie in her agonizing clutches!  Athena takes pleasure torturing Allie with a back breaking camel clutch!  Allie has nowhere to go, as she fights to no avail, as Athena dominates Allie with her brutal camel clutch!  Athena heads north for a classic women’s wrestling dirty tactic, as she digs her fingers into Allie’s eyes for a horrific eye gouge!  Athena grits her teeth as she tortures Allie with pure malice, taking pleasure in inflicting pain on the pro wrestler!  Allie cries out in pain, but like all of Athena’s victims, her cries fall on deaf ears as she again heads north, latching on to two BIG handfulls of Allie’s gorgeous thick hair, ripping poor Allie’s back and forth and around with a humiliating hair pull!  Athena has a tight grip on  gobs of Allie’s hair, Allie sits in torment, and shock at how easily rookie Athena is dominating her in the ring!   Athena wrenches and rips and tears harder on Allies hair, forcing a verbal submission out of the squared circle vet.  Allie submits to Athena, and Athena lets her go, but only long enough to to get a final victory pose over Allie.  Allie lays under the boot of a flexing Athena, as Athena exits, leaving a beat down pile of Jobber for Alexandria to face in mere moments!


Length: 2 Minutes

Size: 337 MB